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Latest Update - Google Removes Several Search Ranking Algorithm Updates From Its Ranking Systems Page

In its recent algorithm update, Google amended ranking system by removing experience-related ranking systems from the page. As a part of this update, mobile-friendly system, page experience system and secure site system were removed by Google. It is worth wondering whether these changes influence the overall Google ranking system!

Impact of algorithm update – On comparing the LIVE and Archived Pages, following observations can be assessed: 
The page experience system has been completely removed by Google and not moved to the “Retired” systems section. Besides, the segments that were removed, include: 

Page Experience System 

The websites that offer a great page experience are preferred by the users. Hence, the page experience system is evaluated on the basis of quick page load, the layout of pages, mobile-friendliness and the resourcefulness of intrusive interstitials. In the ranking system assessment, when the multiple matches with equal relevance are found, the high-quality content is prioritized over a better page experience. 

Page Speed, mobile-friendliness and secure site systems were removed from the retired section of the page by Google. Here’s how the page looked earlier before being removed – 

The current layout of the page looks like the below presentation: 

Retired Systems

These systems store information, data or the other content in this section for historical purposes. They are either included in our core ranking system or made a part of successor systems. 

Humming Bird 

Since August 2013, there were a few changes that were implemented in our overall ranking systems. After these amendments, our systems have continued to evolve like they were evolving earlier. 

Panda System 

This system was aimed at ensuring original as well as high-quality content appeared in the search results. This update was nicknamed as Panda, announced in 2011 and became a part of our core ranking systems in 2015. 

Penguin System 

This system was announced in 2012 to combat link spam and nicknamed as Penguin Update. In 2016, it became a part of our core ranking systems. 

Why the change? The helpful content guidance was revised by Google a few days ago to include Page Experience. In addition, page experience and mobile usability report systems were removed from Google Search Console. 

Was it never a ranking parameter?  Google stated even though, four old ranking updates, website loading speed, Page experience and mobile friendliness are important for usability, yet, they do not have much impact on ranking system? 

What we should note from this update? It’s time to spend less time on content and engagement than focusing on mobile friendliness, speed and page experience. These four factors are important for usability, but, they have least impact on rankings.