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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is one of the most established forms of digital marketing and an integral part of any successful digital marketing strategy. The effects of PPC campaigns are immediate such that businesses can start generating traffic and leads almost instantly once the ads start running. At Digital Markitors, we are one of the leading PPC companies in India engaged in driving quality traffic and qualified leads for our clients. Being the best in the industry, we offer cost effective PPC packages in India and align the best resources to help your business earn a top spot in search engines like Google or Bing.

Our in-house team of ppc experts is highly experienced and passionate and delivers the most accurate ppc services to businesses of all kinds. We are adept in advertising on various platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, third party websites such as Amazon. Since our inception, we have delivered great value to all our B2B and B2C clients at an affordable Google Ads Pricing. Revolutionizing the way modern businesses advertise online, our ppc services help ensure maximum lead generation and ROI. If you are looking to give a boost to your business in this time of economic downturn, our ppc packages in India can help boost conversions, increase visibility and put you on the fast track to recovery.

For Startup and Medium Size Business
50 Keywords
3 Months
For Medium & Large Size Business
100 Keywords
3 Months
For Brands & Large Size Business
200* Keywords
6 months
Initial Budget Estimation
Landing Page Suggestion
Text Ads
Conversion Tracking
A/B Testing
Daily Monitoring
Bid Management
Campaign Report


We offer a broad range of PPC services to give your business the exact support and boost your visibility.

  • Strategically crafted and targeted campaigns - Amidst online ad campaign formats, PPC is one of the most popular ways to advertise. At Digital Markitors, we build targeted and effective campaigns to maximize your pay-per-click ROI and bring in quality leads.
  • PPC ad optimization - PPC can skyrocket your brand’s visibility for keywords that mean the most to your business. However it is very imp[ryant to constantly monitor and optimize the existing PPC campaigns to achieve better ROI. Being a leading ppc agency, we run multiple A/B testing campaigns on PPC ad formats to outrank competitors and improve click through rates.
  • Weekly and monthly reporting - We make your PPC campaigning experience more meaningful, interesting and fun by sharing regular updates on campaign spends and improvements. We have improved reporting systems, templates and methods and share detailed monthly reports that will show the true results of your investment. We understand that successful client relationships are built on trust and thus we provide transparent and insightful reports to our clients.
  • Keyword research - Keyword research is the foundation of any successful PPC campaign. Being a leading PPC agency, we carefully choose the best keywords to bid on that are most likely to get clicks and conversions. We take time and efforts to understand your customers and predict which terms they're actually using in the search box to find your products and services. This is why our ads show up at the right time and in the right place.
  • Ppc landing page creation - A PPC landing page is a standalone web page where visitors first land after clicking through on a pay-per-click ad. It is one of the best ways to advertise your products and services amidst an increasing competition. We can help businesses design effective and engaging Ppc landing pages with a strong call to action to turn a maximum percentage of visitors into leads.
  • Ad campaign set up - Keeping in mind what you want to achieve with ppc campaigns, we effectively set up your account and carefully choose the keywords you want to bid on. We then set your bids for different keywords, select your daily budget and link to the desired landing page on your website.
  • Compelling copies - Writing an engaging and attractive ad copy is crucially important. In addition to having the best ppc experts, we have the best content specialists in our team who will create a compelling copy to attract target customers while building the best impression on them.
  • Bid management - Effective PPC bid management is one of the most taxing and challenging tasks for marketers. Being a leading ppc agency, we handle the bid management process effectively and use best in class tools and software to optimize your ppc ads. We set up specific bid rules and change keywords bids based on performance to help you derive maximum ROI.


No matter who you sell and what you sell, we can help put your brand climb on the top of the search engine results. With our years of experience and rich expertise, we provide result driven PPC services in India to instantly improve your online visibility. As a notable PPC management company in India, we ensure that you will get the highest returns out of your campaigns and that too at an affordable google ads cost. If you are struggling to bring your target customers to your online store and are distressed about higher Google Ads Pricing in India, fret not! We can provide you the best and reliable PPC advertising services at an affordable price.

Digital Markitors is one of the most reliable and affordable PPC companies in India. Since our inception, we have worked on various PPC projects and helped solve complex SEO challenges for our domestic and international clients. We are a team of successful and experienced ppc experts who plan effective ppc campaigns to increase your traffic and visibility on search engines. We provide all kinds of specialized PPC services including ad campaign set up, bid management, ad copywriting, etc at quite an economical price when compared with others. As the top digital marketing company in Delhi, we promise to provide the best solutions to all your PPC woes for a small google ads pricing.

What is the difference between PPC and CPC?

While PPC (pay-per-click ) is an internet advertising model, CPC (Cost Per Click) is a performance metric. In this form of internet marketing, you will only have to pay when someone will click on your ads. However, you can set a maximum cost-per-click bid - or simply "max. CPC" for your campaigns. By setting the highest amount that you're willing to pay for a click on your ad, you ensure that the click won't cost you more than the maximum cost per click bid that you set.

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Check out what our clients say about our top digital marketing solutions

Subodh Bajpai
Founder - SBP
After so many false starts with PPC companies, we finally came across Digital Markitors. I was very impressed that Mr. Ram, the director of the company, personally oversaw the PPC campaigns to see how it is going. He cares very much about the client’s happiness and satisfaction. I hold him and his expert PPC team in the highest professional regard and would love to continue this association in the future as well. I mean it is so rare to find somebody who focuses more on building long-term relations rather than short-term projects and money-making. Keep up the good work guys!
Pawandeep Singh
CEO - Signature Visas
Choosing Digital markitor was my best decision..Their team identified and shortlists keywords for my company and within 3-4 months most the keywords started ranking on the first page of google. I thank Mr Ram and his team for generating extra revenue through google for me. Your SEO work is commendable.
Mr. Imran
Director at Mass Comm College
Digital Markitors helped me a lot. They have increased the leads from almost zero to 240 monthly. When I met Mr. Ram, I told him that I own a Mass Communication and Journalism Institute and want to attract more and more students. He along with his team prepared a plan for PPC campaigns after analyzing the precise market. I don’t know how they do it, but I am getting shorter of words at the moment. I can only say that they put a lot of thought into the PPC campaigns and that is something nobody can replicate. A big thank you to the passionate team of Digital Markitors for such great support!
Mr. Gaurav
Director - Overseas Education Firm
Digital Markitors boasts of a long list of happy clients that anyone could reference. Since study abroad and related rules change from time-to-time, it is quite difficult for an individual to manage everything alone! But these guys are amazing. Without hampering the present position, they come up and provide me with the best and result-oriented PPC campaigns. Our association started a few months back and I believe that it will continue for a longer period. One thing that I have noticed about them is that they are agile enough to respond to shifting/changing requirements and consistent enough to deliver the best results. Along with their ROI-focused services, their quick turnaround times and effective communication make them a perfect yet dependable partner for PPC campaigns.