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Google May 2020 Core Algorithm Update Rolling Out Today

A few days ago, Google – the leading search engine has announced that it will roll out a new core update in May. It is important to mention that it is the second core update of Google for 2020. Before this update, in January 2020, Google announced its first core update for the year.

Google used to release a core Google algorithm update after a regular interval. And this latest update is like just more than 3 months since the first core update in January 2020.

The Latest Announcement - May 2020 Core Update

In the latest announcement, Google said, ‘Later today, we are releasing a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. It is called the May 2020 Core Update. Our guidance about such updates remains as we have covered before’.

New Rolling Out

According to Google, this new rollout has already begun. Google said, ‘it can take about one to two weeks to fully roll out’.

Previous Update

Every update brings some changes, just like the September 2019 Google core update. Even though this September 2019 update seemed weaker to many well-known webmasters, SEOs, and digital marketers as many of them said that it did not have a huge impact as the last core update. In November, Google also released another update after the September ones but it was specific to local search engine rankings only. You can also search online to read more about all those previous updates to have an idea.

What Should You Do If You Are Already Hit?

It is believed that core updates may have a negative impact. If your website is negatively impacted by any of the previous updates, then you must read the advice given by Google on what should be considered in such a condition. There are no specific actions to consider recovering from that effect of those updates. It is also said that the negative impact on the rankings does not mean that anything is wrong with the website or its pages. However, you can read the questions or points to consider if your website is affected by any core update or you can simply connect with Digital Markitors, a leading digital marketing company in Delhi. It is because we have experience and expertise in dealing with the websites affected by Google core update. Our experts will evaluate your website and help you overcome the issue with great ease.

Why Everyone Cares?

Whenever Google releases an update to improve its search ranking algorithm, it means that your website can do even better or even worse in the search engine results. Knowing when these core updates of Google give us something important to understand what can help you make your online presence even better. Since now you know that this search engine giant – Google will be releasing another core update, it is suggested to keep your eyes on your rankings and analytics.