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How to Optimize Your Website for Google Voice Search?

Voice search has become more than just a fad. In the past couple of years, it has comfortably crossed several early hurdles. After the recent Google algorithm update BERT, its popularity will go up with leaps and bounds. And the reason behind this is quite obvious – it is a convenient for an individual to directly find relevant information by verbally asking the question. Hence, no need to waste time pressing multiple keys to type your query as you can ask Google and it will show you the most relevant results along with featured snippets.

Have you ever asked Google OK for the best restaurants near you? How about Apple’s SIRI and Amazon’s Alexa? If you know these voice-powered digital assistants, then you must have an idea of what we are going to discuss here. As we already mentioned about the latest Google update and ease of search through voice assistance, optimization of your business website for voice search is a necessity, not something you can do later.

If you want to leverage the benefits, then you can do the following to optimize your website for Google voice search. But, before we go deep down into the concept, you need to understand how it is different than the traditional text-based searches:

  • The voice search queries are nothing but long-tail keywords i.e. what are the best salons in Burlington, Vermont?
  • The voice search queries are generally localized. As you can see in the example mentioned above, these queries are region or area-specific
  • Voice searches are majorly time-based. It means if the users do not find any relevant information on the top, they immediately move to other options for the same

Essential Steps to Optimize Business Website for Google Voice Search

So, you have a fair idea of how voice searches are different than the traditional ones. Now, we will discuss the important steps you, as a business should take to make your website voice-search-friendly. And we look at the following steps:

Step 1: Begin Your Journey with Google My Business Listing

Have not done it yet? Don’t worry, Digital Markitors will do it for you. It is important to set up and keep the business listing updated to stay on the top of search engines in local searches (because people are more tend to use voice search for local information). With an up-to-date listing, you will have better chances to appear on the top of the search engine results whenever your targeted users use the ‘Near Me’ feature on Google. For enhanced visibility, add a complete address, contact details, working hours along with some high-quality photographs of your business.

Step 2: Use More and More Conversational Tone for Content

While creating content for voice search, you need to keep your tone conversational and use the words that people use more when talking. We are saying this because for voice search queries, people ask questions as if they are asking it to another person. To understand this better, you will need to put yourself in the shoes of your targeted users. Even though this will take some of your precious time but believe us it will pay off in the long run for sure as you can easily target long-tail keywords.

Step 3: FAQs Page!!! Yes, It Is a Key to Success

Yes, it is true. Create a FAQ page and add content based on the trends and your customers’ intend. However, one pro tip that we would like to share here is that you need to add questions and answers on the other pages (if possible) on your website if you truly want to take the advantage of Google voice search. We think it is the most natural way to use long-tail keywords without making awkward phrasing.

Furthermore, invest some of your time in addressing trendy questions. Trending does not mean investing your time exploring irrelevant topics. For instance, if you are into the healthcare segment, you can search for the topics related to seasons, age-groups, gender, etc. to market your services and products.

Step 4: Google is Not Alone So Think Beyond it

Undeniably, Google is a leading player, but it is not alone in this race. Apple has SIRI, Amazon has Alexa, Windows has Cortana, and Samsung has Bixby. All these voice search assistants are helping people find the answers for their precise query. Before you go ‘bonkers’, one small yet useful hack for you – find out the total number of mobile phone users by brand. You can also go with the national statistics to optimize your website accordingly.

Final Takeaway

As per the latest trends and the Google update BERT, voice search is here to STAY! In the coming years, it will become even more powerful and popular as search engines are getting smarter day-by-day at understanding the speaking style and language of the user and finding the best-fit published answers to their queries. From that viewpoint, having a voice search website for your business is more important to stay ahead of the competition.

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