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Google Releases December 2022 Link Spam Update

The year 2022 has seen a steady stream of updates, all of which are intended to provide users with a positive experience. The most recent of these updates include Google's December 2022 link spam update.

Google carried out the December 2022 link spam update on December 14, 2022. This upgrade to the Google algorithm will be rolled out globally and will take approximately two weeks to complete.

Google took out to its social media handles to announce the news of the December 2022 link spam update.

The upgrade for spam that took place in October was the one that came before this one, and it had a significant impact on websites that extensively use random links.

The tech giant has revealed that it employs a piece of artificial intelligence (AI) technology known as "SpamBrain" in order to identify and filter spam as well as links that are not authentic. Those who have purchased links will be eligible for the upgrade. The AI will also be able to determine whether websites are attempting to pass outgoing links for the explicit purpose of doing so (spammers).

The ranking may shift as spammy links are eliminated, and any credit that may have been gained through the use of unnatural links will be removed. This release will have an impact across all languages.

SpamBrain, according to Google, is able to "identify spam directly" as well as "find sites buying links" and "detect sites utilized for the purpose of forwarding outgoing links."

As this spam update is being rolled out, Google is still in the process of putting out the helpful content system that will go live in December 2022.

How Will The New Google Upgrade Impact Your Site?

This new link spam upgrade may lead to drops in ranking that you experience in Google during the following two weeks. Make sure your links appear natural and adhere to the webmaster rules provided by Google. Make it a goal to improve your website so that it will, over time, draw fresh links on its own.

Know that these updates will target all languages and will take place over a period of two weeks, modt probably by the end of this month. 

If you use links that are not natural, you will see a negative change in the ranking of your website and the pages on your website in the search results. Know that the usage of unnatural links will lead to a fall in the ranking of your site on Google.

According to Google, site owners should follow the best practices on links, both inbound and outgoing. Moreover, creating high-quality content and enhancing the user experience will always produce superior results.

Site owners can make people aware of their websites by using links with the necessary tagging and then monetize it by adding affiliate links with the relevant tagging.

Both this upgrade and the December useful Content update make use of advanced technology developed by Google. The tech giant wants to enhance user experience in the process by working hard to identify links that are not natural. The company rolled out an upgrade that prompted users to report fraudulent links.

Earlier in the month of September, the company came up with the "helpful content update." The helpful content update intends to reward content where viewers have a positive experience, whereas information that does not match visitors' expectations will do less well.

What Shall Website Owners Do Now?

Well, website owners must learn to respond to the recent Upgrade that Google made to its algorithm regarding spammy links. Here is what you can do to stay ahead of the game:

Conduct a thorough search of your website to identify any links that could be harmful to you and then remove them.

Create content that is unpolished, exclusive, and of high quality. It will assist you in moving to the top of the search engine results pages.

Moreover, make sure to create unique and search-engine-optimized content so that it becomes easier for your visitors to locate you. 

Because the December update to the helpful material is still being worked on, you must optimize your content so that it provides more value to users.

Check to see that the links leading to your website are authentic and have been obtained in a natural way.

Be sure to follow all of Google's algorithms to prevent any negative impact on your site.

Google wants its consumers to have the best experience when they visit a website. Website owners that try to boost their positions in search results by manipulating their link profiles are subject to Google's stringent standards.

If you follow the guidelines that Google provided on incoming and outgoing links religiously, your website will not be impacted by the update that will take place in December 2022.