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Essential SEO On-Page Techniques To Boost Your Website Ranking

On-Page SEO is the process to optimize the webpages to improve the website’s search engine rankings. This is a highly effective way to get more organic traffic to your website. Every business today understands the importance of having an impressive online presence to gain visibility in the market & reaching out to the target audience.

A website is a centerpiece & Face-Value of a company and needs to be properly utilized by optimizing the search engines to churn higher leads. On-Page SEO helps the companies in realizing their vision by enhancing the page’s content, internal links & tags to improve search visibility.

8 Ways to Improve Your Website Ranking

Now that we have established the importance of On-Page SEO, let’s learn a few important On-Page techniques.

#1 Content

The first & foremost technique is the Content. You need to have highly intriguing & engaging content on your website to attract your target audience. Next, your content needs to bolster the right keywords, keywords that may be used by your users to search a query related to your business so that the potential customers can be directed to your website.

#2 Schema implementation

It is structured data, the language which is interpreted by the search engine to read & understand the content on your web page. Some of the examples of schemas are the news articles on google when you enter certain keywords, certain rating or review of a service/product you are looking for. is the website used for making these schema markups.

#3 Visual representation

To attract a larger audience, you need to understand their psyche. More than 65% of consumers get attracted to visually appealing images while doing online shopping, interesting videos & infographics. Do add these to boost your online traffic but make sure not to use large files that might prevent the website page from uploading quickly.

#4 Meta description

When a user enters certain keywords in the google search, they get multiple website links—a meta description tag is a brief summary below each website link that gives a snapshot of the particular company page. Why is it important for SEO? As simple as it sounds, the more captivating your meta description is, the more traffic it will drive. Meta description increases the click-through rate of the organic search despite your ranking not going up.

#5 Geo Tagging

Another popular technique is adding the geographical identification metadata on your website. It is quite beneficial for small & medium-sized businesses. Focus on these tactics to get the most out of geotagging—add location based content including ‘Near me’ search, optimize the local listings by adding your website link, address, business description, navigation map & reviews.

#6 People Also Ask

The search engine result for any keywords usually shows 10 or more result pages, which is why your On-Page game needs to be strong. People also ask [PAA] is one feature that shows the users additional information/questions related to their search query with the solutions. PAA helps in increasing brand awareness, enabling you to come on top of the search engine result pages with a higher click-through rate. Do you need more convincing?

#7 Optimize your URL

Another essential technique is to optimize your website’s URL. Search engines read the URL, and show you the results based on the brand information it provides. This is why the URL needs to give a clear message about what the site is selling.
Picture this: e.g

It is clear which URL gives an exact idea of the page. Adding a clear context to the URL is beneficial for both users as well as the search engines. Therefore optimizing your URL is important for the search engines to determine the relevancy of your page. Just add the same keywords mentioned in your web page in the end portion of the URL to get the desired results.

#8 Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, most of the consumers use their smartphones to access the internet, therefore it is imperative to get your site assessed on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool. Additionally, you can also check mobile’s accessibility through Google Search Console to identify any issues & fix them. The online traffic via smartphones exceeds traffic through laptops according to recent statistics.

Lastly, an excellent website with powerful content will do no good if the On-Page SEO techniques are not put to use. Don't wait & start optimizing!