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10 Types of Content Marketing You Should Know About

The business world at present is driven by digital advancements. Specifically, online businesses need to strive hard to drive quality traffic. Whether it is identifying the target audience or understanding the strategy to improve the online presence of the business, SEO ranking factors play a vital role. In short, SEO is a practically designed framework of services aimed at improving the rank of a website after it gets optimized. No matter it is a redirect link issue, a warning signal or a website that does not comply with the guidelines of search engines, the SEO experts work on the comprehensively tailored plan to improve the rank of the website.

Undoubtedly, not everyone is familiar with the points of relevance that contribute to fixing the issues of website hampering its optimization.

Hence, are some of the on-page SEO factors that you should focus on to boost your website’s ranking:

In order to access the website, Google requires an authentic and easily URL to understand the page. Google bots should be able to comprehend the information of the website. Hence, you need to work on robots.txt file to define which data has to be accessed and the one that needs to be ignored. To make this task simple, creating a sitemap of the website proves to be resourceful. For the WordPress website, a comprehensive and unified sitemap can be setup. On the other hand, enabling SSL security on your website is effective for indexing web pages.

Supplying information in the form of sound, text, image and video on the website are beneficial in the optimization process. The whole idea is to gather chunks of information and present it into the form of unique content to optimize the website. This action results in influencing the status of on-page ranking factors positively. In fact, the short content that summarizes the essence of business in a precise manner helps users in relating with the purpose-driven services or the product of the company. It is this good content which further proves to be linkable by supplying a demand or addressing the pain points of the industry through a concrete solution.

Hence, when all forms of content uploaded on the website act as the informative resource, the SEO ranking factors get boosted.

Most of the users prefer accessing the content of any website or may want the information to be handy on any device. Be it mobile, smart device or any laptop, the major point is to make the content of website compatible with mobile as well. Google rank also gets improved when the mobile-friendliness of the website is optimally implemented. If you have not focused on this SEO ranking factor, then, it can be one of the possible reasons for low rank. In the long-run, the mobile-optimized content ensures the improved user experience to people.

Brand image, awareness and engagement are the chief components that ultimately define the content of the website in the digital marketing stream. If you are uploading informative and quality enriched content, then, the traffic volume can also increase organically. Apart from this, the on-page ranking factors also yield a better outcome when the content presents the clear picture of a company or business highlights. Therefore, the readable, client-focused, simple and interactive content should be emphasized while promoting business virtually.

Among the on-page SEO ranking factors, title tag, meta description, alt text, markup and the canonicalization are some of the essential aspects to be covered by the business owners to seek better prospects of higher in SERP. Whether it is precise or concise description, clickable headline, properly written HTML codes or the redirection, on-page ranking factors need to be followed in an elaborated way for securing higher rank in the Search Engine.

It is the white hat SEO, ethical and the best SEO practices along with the real business information that should be assessed while improving the online visibility. Probably, hiring the reliable digital marketing agency with proven excellence in the past can be contacted to explore SEO reseller tips, local search terms, NAP (name, address, phone number and how to generate quality as well as relevant leads.

Sharing of the content on a frequent basis along with the improved engagement rate of the users altogether act as the social signals. With the help of these signs, driving traffic to your website, building backlinks and social presence of your business increases gradually.

As discussed above, the real business information is one the visible SEO ranking factors that often begins with local presence of the company. In simple terms, targeting the particular local areas, filling the NAP information, posting business listings online and reviews on the popular directories are among the practices that result in influencing the SEO ranking of your website.

Google rolls out updates and other advanced amendments that clearly define the rules to be followed by the businesses. Furthermore, these guidelines also indicate the warning flags and penalties with a detailed information as well as the steps to prevent website from being under-ranked. It further implies that the core updates, revised SEO and On-page or off-page practices should be followed.

If the on-page SEO or any other segment of business information pertaining to technical information seems to be tough for the real-time implementation, then, seeking professional advice of digital marketers is a must. However, it should be stated that technical SEO includes keyword research, assessment of the keywords & keyword phrases that complement the business theme and header or h1, h2 or h3 tags are some of the key areas that can be effectively worked over with the help of experienced SEO experts or digital marketers.

  • Website should be secure and accessible
  • Content needs to be optimized
  • Website must be mobile-friendly
  • Quality content should be prioritized on the website
  • Title tag & URL must be used mindfully
  • Best practices of SEO must be used
  • Know the social signals and their implication
  • Business information must be authentic and updated
  • Check the guidelines and updates of Google to optimize website whenever required
  • On-page SEO factors must be properly applied


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