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6 Most Advanced Strategies for Content Promotion to Drive More Traffic

Content marketing is quite popular for attracting customers effectively as well as showing the true identity of your brand. Additionally, it costs you around 62% less than any other marketing tactic but generates 3 times more outcomes. However, creating content is relatively easy than promoting it! Just because you can write impressive copies, it does not mean that everyone can see it!

If you truly want your content to get the maximum value that it deserves, then you need to find out some relevant opportunities to engage the targeted audience. Puzzled? Do not worry! In this post, we will tell you the most advanced strategies for content promotion that you can use and drive more traffic. But before that let us shed some light on some basic details!

What is Content Promotion?

According to Ahrefs, nearly 91% of the content does not get traffic from Google. So, for that 9%, you will need to distribute the content on a serious note. Look at the following to understand what content promotion is!

It is an act of distributing blogs, articles, and other written content through different channels that you can easily access including organic as well as paid channels. It is also all about reaching the right audience and driving conversions.

It means you can engage your customers with impressive content and push them from inspiration and awareness to take actions and then purchase. Here, your tools may include PPC, guest posts, social media, PR, email marketing, influencer outreach, etc.

Reasons to go for Content Promotion Strategies

Before we discuss the strategies, you must know the reasons for doing so. We have listed some common or possible reasons for the same. So, have a close look:

  • For brand awareness and recognition
  • Convert leads to sales
  • Let people share your products and services easily

Now, you know what content promotion is and why exactly you need it for your business! It is time to check out the following advanced strategies of content promotion that you can follow for your business:

#1 Involve influencers/leaders to promote your content

It is one of the most popular strategies followed by most of the established brands. But if you think that you will use it after publishing your content, then YOU ARE WRONG!! You must understand that influencers are nothing but experts in their respective fields. They can provide your audience with valuable knowledge as well as they can tell you how content should be shaped to touch the tapped and untapped market. For this, you can also keep the following points in your mind:

  • Determine to create content on the topics relevant to your industry as well as interest your audience
  • Find out which influencer or expert is suitable for the same once you are done with the content
  • Ask for their valuable feedback to make your content better and promote it on the right platforms
  • Ask them to review the final copy before publishing the content as it will help them feel valued and encourage them to share your content more and more

It is an outstanding yet easiest way to reach the maximum number of people because being an influencer they will already have a huge fan base that will ultimately help you.

#2 Participate in the communities of content sharing

Writing content and publishing on your website will not be enough if you want to get a higher level of engagement. You will need to find different ways to put your content on a bigger platform so that more and more people can read it. And for this, you can count on content sharing communities as they are the best if you want to amplify your voice.

You will find several like-minded people in these communities, sharing the same content and information. Some popular content sharing communities are FLIPBOARD, MEDIUM, REDDIT, GROWTHHACKERS, and TRIBERR. Some communities are free while others are paid! However, you must find a place where your targeted customers are more active. By your efforts and time, your content will be considered valuable contributions to the community not as self-promotion.

#3 Update and make your existing posts better

It is said that around 74% of posts that are updated regularly into new formats are more likely to get positive outcomes. You can repurpose your content as it will breathe a whole new outlook into previous work and make your brand more relevant and interesting.

This is also an outstanding way to get some details on what people already appreciated, instead of starting from scratch and coming up with completely a new set of ideas and thoughts. You can also spend some time and transform the old content. You can do it through videos, blog posts, infographics, research papers, and much more. This practice is known as the evergreen content and believes us all businesses do it to utilize their content. But for this, you will need the following strategy:

  • Decide one date to analyze your posts to renew or update opportunities
  • Subscribe for your industry-related news to remain relevant and update with the trends
  • While writing, make a note if there is any chance for expansion in the future

The most common one or easy renewal can be done through short videos for Facebook or Instagram as it will lead to your website for new prospects.

#4 Make the most out of the user-generate content

A few times back, Instagram and Facebook were quite great at generating organic reach for businesses, but sadly, this is not the case anymore! The cost is going up and the effects are decreasing. So, what is the best way to cope up with this issue? The answer is – use your customers to share your content more and more and talk about it on social media platforms.

One easy way is letting your audience share their experiences and feedback on social media. Allow them to spread the information on how was their experience of using your products or services. When they do this, you can re-share that content on your social media pages as well.

However, you will need to follow the steps listed here for promotion:

  • Politely ask your customers to share their thoughts and feedback with a hashtag mentioning your brand name
  • You can also announce rewards or gifts for the best or most liked/shared content
  • Make the best use of social tools such as Flockler to collect and evaluate content to identify the most influential and engaged customers
  • Amplify them by the comment, share, or like
  • Create your tribe or group of customers and run campaigns to co-create content together

Simply put, appreciate your customers and their feedback while improving your conversion rates and sales. Isn’t sounds better!

#5 Determine the budget for paid promotion

Even though there are countless free options available for content promotion, it is always good to allocate some budget for paid promotions, if possible. It is important to promote your content and put it in front of your targeted audience quickly.

For instance, you can have an ad on the most popular blog posts or the post that has been received a lot of traffic over time. This will provide you with an opportunity to create brand loyalty along with suitable content for your audience. Since targeting is one of the most crucial aspects of paid advertisement, you need to use customized content for different groups, gender, interests, locations, and age. If you do not know how to determine your budget, it is advised to seek the help of a professional digital marketing company.

#6 Refresh your retargeting ad creative frequently

The more remarketing impressions you get for your business, is better to have a higher conversion rate. Remarketing your ads is the smartest way to create traffic for the content.

It is because the problem is – anyone can get tired of seeing the same content and ad repeatedly. So, the trick here is that to cycle through your ads to test and find the best one. For instance, you can create interesting and engaging creative with Canva or Photoshop.

A similar method must also be applied for remarketing your campaigns. For instance, leads you have received the sales call or who have downloaded eBooks are different and should be grouped separately. It is because they have different interest levels. Even though the logical system for this sound a little bit of detailed work, it is worthy to set-up and runs paid ads that are more targeted and effective. In simple words, you should follow a progressive approach to turn your leads into customers.

Final Words

The opportunities are endless when it comes to content promotion. So, follow a systematic approach and plan accordingly to make the most out of your content. In case we have missed any point or you have any suggestions for others, kindly share it on