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Top SEO Strategies to Watch Out in 2020

Do you know Google, the leading search engine giant makes around 3,200 algorithm changes every year! It means roughly 9 changes every day! That is a lot. Now the question is – how can you defeat them at their own game and help your website rank high? Even though you can find several posts on ‘how to rank higher’ but that won’t do much for your business website. The only right way to perform well is to leverage the latest technology.

What Is an SEO Strategy?

Although Google has made certain things harder, you can still have many ways to streamline everything. In this post, we are going to discuss some advanced SEO strategies that you can implement to be on the top of the game. So, let us get started!

Advanced SEO Strategies for 2023

Here are the steps to create an SEO strategy in 2023:

  1. Create a List of Targeted Keywords
  2. Analyze the First Page of Google
  3. Create Different or Better Content
  4. Add a ‘Hook’
  5. Optimize Your Content for On-Page SEO
  6. Optimization for Search Intent
  7. Create Impressive Content
  8. Link Building
  9. Update Your Content Frequently

#1 Create a List of Targeted Keywords

Everything in SEO revolves around keywords only. This is one of the reasons why keyword research is the very first step of any legit and result-driven SEO strategy. It is not even that difficult as you can easily find some keywords that your targeted customers search for using ‘Google Search’. To begin with your search, just type something related to your business in the ‘search box’ of Google and it will automatically populate a list of relevant keywords or suggestions. These typically make amazing keywords for SEO as they come directly from Google and you know that what your targeted customers are searching for. Plus, long-tail keywords tend to be less competitive than the shorter ones. You can also connect with Digital Markitors as our dedicated professionals know how to find the best keywords as per your precise market.

#2 Analyze the First Page of Google

Okay, so now you have found a handful of relevant keywords. Now, it is the best time to see what is already working for those ‘best’ keywords. For that, just type one of the keywords you found and scan the top 10 results. Now, analyze the first page and scribble down any patterns (topics) that you observe. So, if you want to cover those topics on your website, just do that and move onto the next point.

#3 Create Different or Better Content

So, it is time to create something high-quality. And when it comes to SEO content, you have got two options – create something different or create something better. It is quite obvious that many times you want to create something better and bigger than what is out there. However, sometimes it is good to create something completely different. WHY? Because you can easily STAND OUT with this approach! The second option is to create something better. It means you will have to create copies that are 10 times better than what is already out there. It is completely your choice to pick one of these options to leverage the benefits.

#4 Add a ‘Hook’

If you truly want to make your search engine rankings better in 2023, all you need is backlinks. As per the recent study of Stone Temple Consulting published on the Moz Blog – ‘links are still strongly correlated with first page Google rankings’. It means they are still a key player when it comes to Google search engine ranking. Now, the question is – how do you do it? For this, you must understand why people link to a particular piece of content in your sector! Then, add that ‘HOOK’ to your content. You can use data to build links. However, it is just one type! One of the most effective hooks is ‘ultimate guides’. When you publish something like that, your guide works as a hook itself.

#5 Optimize Your Content for On-Page SEO

It is one of the most crucial things and it is all about keyword and content optimization for SEO. Well, there is a lot more to discuss about ‘on-page SEO’ and it is quite tough to cover everything in one post. So, it is best to focus on the top on-page SEO techniques for desired results. And these are:

  • Internal Linking:

Yes! It still works. But only when you do it correctly! Specifically, you should link from the high-authority pages to the pages that require authority. But, do not forget to use ‘keywords-rich’ anchor text in internal linking.

  • Short and Keyword-Rich URLs:

Well! It is quite interesting to know that short URLs defeat long URLs. So, you should always make your URLs either just your keywords or simply the targeted keyword along with one more word.

  • Semantic SEO:

Finally, optimize your content for semantic SEO. In simple words, use the terms you found on Google related to your targeted keywords. For this, just search on Google and it will suggest some words or phrases closely-related to your topic or just put the same keyword in Google and scroll down to see the ‘Searches Related to’ section. Lastly, sprinkle those terms (if possible) into your content and that is it!

#6 Optimization for Search Intent

In simple words, use the ‘Skyscraper Technique 2.0’. We will explain this aspect with an example. Assume! You have written a post on the ways of getting more targeted traffic to your website. Even though you have written a fine piece, it did not perform that way it should be or expected. So, what is the reason for that according to you? Well, if you ask us to analyze your website, content, and everything, our answer will only be – lack of search intent. When you analyze the first page of Google on your own (if you understand the technicalities of digital marketing), you will find that your page did not satisfy the search intent for the keywords you are targeting.

When you search online for the same topic, you will get to see ‘bite-sized’ information (good articles). But, if your post is giving the visitors a high-level process, it was not the user experience search engine ‘visitors’ wanted! So, you must rewrite the content to match the search intent of the keyword you are focusing on. You can even turn your post into a list one. Simply put, you must create and publish content keeping search intent in your mind.

#7 Create Impressive Content

Believe it or not but the design is the most underrated aspect of content marketing. You should always try to create the most amazing content ever. You must invest a lot of time as well as money into content designing. Some good writers have written, designed, and coded the content 100% from scratch by using WordPress. However, these are considered super expensive. We believe that great content design should not break the bank. So, we always follow the types of visual content that are not just super-super easy to pull off but effective as well. And they are:

  • Charts and Graphs:

These are quite amazing so you must include them whenever and wherever possible. We are suggesting this because by using them, you can help your audience understand the data easily. Also, people may use your charts and graphs in their content and link back to you! What’s more you want!

  • Pictures and Screenshots:

When you see the high-ranked posts (you can check out Neil Patel’s blog posts), you will notice that they use LOTS and LOTS of screenshots in their content. It is not because they are just using it as it looks TRENDY, but it is because such pictures and screenshots help people understand and implement specific steps easily. However, it is said that such screenshots and pictures look better when you are describing something technical. What about a non-technical niche like fitness? We think that pictures and screenshots serve the same purpose. So, it is a good idea to use them.

  • Banners for Blog Posts:

Unlike graphs, charts, screenshots, and pictures, banners serve NO practical purpose. They just look COOL! Depending on the blog post, you can either use a simple banner or a giant one at the top of the content.

  • Visualizations and Graphics:

These are more like charts. But rather than visualizing the data, they visualize the concept of your content. But they SHOULD NOT be fancy. We understand that it is quite a difficult task to picture every idea, so you can connect with us to seek help.

#8 Link Building

You have impressively written and designed content, now it is time to actively working towards building links to your content. We, at Digital Markitors, follow the below-listed link building strategies that are working AMAZINGLY:

  • Broken Link Building:

A broken link on someone’s website may offer your content as a replacement. You need to check and see where your specific page makes perfect sense. To leverage the benefit, you can request the company to link your content. In case, if your website has any broken link, you can either link your blogs or simply hash symbol.

  • Competitor Analysis:

Even though it is an ‘old school’ strategy, it still works! First and foremost, find websites of your competitors for similar keywords you are targeting. For instance, you want to rank your website for the keyword – the best SEO agency. So, put this keyword in the search engine and grab the first page’s result. Now, look at their backlinks. If they have a good number of backlinks, it means you will get at least some backlinks for the same. We have an expert team for this work. If you find it a difficult, then you can connect with us for the help.

  • Evangelist Method:

Well! This method is less about links but more about putting your content in front of the targeted or right people. You must understand your audience and promote your content accordingly.

  • Update Your Content Frequently

This is an outstanding way to keep up with everything. You must update and improve your content after a regular interval. But yes! Updating content does not always mean reposting the same content every time and call it NEW! Rather than, you must go through the content, remove the old images, charts, graphs, etc., and add newer ones to it. Additionally, you must delete the points that are not in the limelight anymore and add the trending ones. Now, you must be wondering about the benefits! By doing this, you can give a boost to the organic traffic of that page.

Summing Up

No matter whether you are doing it for several years or new to this term, there are always countless things to do. Google and other search engines are changing and updating their algorithms constantly. So, there is always a lot of ‘room’ to do well.

To get detailed information about these SEO strategies, you can get in touch with the adept team of Digital Markitors, a ‘top seo company in Delhi. It is believed that you must always have professional support while implementing these strategies to get the desired results for your business. So, without giving a second thought, you can should us NOW on +91-9818888064 to speak to our digital marketing experts.