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Add Me To Search: Learn How To Create Your Google People Card

Our curiosity leads many of us to look up our favorite celebrities on Google to know more about them and their personal lives. Some of us even desire to have similar public knowledge panels as them so that even our names and social profiles show up on the search index.

But the question is, how exactly can you get your name and information on the search panel?

Well, if you're wondering the same, then continue reading this post.

In this post, we shall discuss how you can get your name on the search index.

So, let's get started...

"Add Me To Search"

Thanks to Google, it now provides us with this new feature known as "Add Me to Search." This tool helps you promote your company or your personal profile in the search results in a factual and unambiguous way. You can use this function to promote either one of these things.

To begin with, you will require that the Web & App Activity be enabled in your account settings and a mobile device with good internet connectivity.

Let us now discuss how to use the Add me to search feature for creating a Google People Card.

Understanding the "Add-me-to-Search" option on Google

With the Add Me to Search option on Google, you can publish a public search profile card on the search engine. This makes it possible for people all over the world to access your profile or brand. You will be able to generate an accessible version of the Knowledge Panel that is associated with your profile by utilizing this feature. This can include any personal information you wish to make public such as your name, detail, profession, profile picture, and company, to name a few.

With the help of the information you provide, anyone can find your name and/or your brand on Google. Additionally, you may include text, images, and links that can assist individuals in locating you on Google. In a nutshell, it serves as a virtual business card for you.

According to Google, the public card is intended to assist influencers, independent contractors, small business owners, and other professionals in establishing an online presence and increasing recognition. Using this service, you may quickly and easily enhance your online reputation.

All in all, this is one of the top features today that businesses and individuals can use to promote their brands online.

Let's now take a deeper look at Google People Card and know how you can create one.

Here we go... 

What Are Google People Cards?

In today's highly digital world, it might be difficult for a person whose name is not widely known or who is not renowned for having significant areas of expertise to find themselves in indexed lists. Consequently, it is difficult for researchers to find accurate, contemporary information about these individuals

If you're not renowned or share a name with a lot of other individuals, getting your name out there in search results can be troublesome.

If a person doesn't have a well-established internet presence, it can be difficult for individuals conducting searches to learn about them.

Anyone wishing to expand their online visibility can use People Cards, whether they are in the corporate world as performers or influencers or as self-employed job seekers and freelancers.

All of the information you'd like to provide about yourself can be included in a "people card." On searching a person's name, if you discover that they have a people card, a new module will appear with that person's details, including their name, occupation, and location. Simply tapping on the module will reveal the contents of the card.

So, how shall you create a People Card?

Create A People Card In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1:

First and foremost, go to "add me to search." Look for the option to create a people's card that will appear at the very top of your screen. To begin making your card, click the "Get started."

Step 2:

At this stage, you'll need to give searchers the details you want them to discover about you. There are four obligatory fields: name, area, about, and work.

Then, you'll discover a few discretionary fields beneath the necessary ones. Know that you can add as many fields as you wish to; some of the fields that are incorporated are education, occupation, location, social profiles, and contact details.

Concerning your social profiles, you can embed various links such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You'll need to type most of your details manually; however, Google will auto-fill your telephone number and email address or other details that are available in your Google account.

Know that you have the option to hide your phone number and email address. So choose accordingly.

NOTE: If you want to make changes to the phone number or email address that appears on a people's card, you will first need to make those modifications in your Google account.

Step 3:

After you have finished filling out the fields in step two, the last thing left to do before the card is made public is previewing it.

When you are pleased with the way that your card appears, simply save it, and it will be listed in the search results almost instantly.

Simply searching for your name in the search engine after it has gone live will show you how it appears in the results.

Keep in mind that only searchers in India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa will be able to see Google's people cards. Using a virtual private network (VPN), individuals who do not physically reside in any of the countries mentioned can generate a People Card.


#1. Ability to Stand out: This gives you the ability to distinguish yourself from famous or influential people who share the same name as yours.

#2. Increased Social Media Visibility: You may draw attention to your website and social media profiles, giving those who are searching for information about you more opportunities to learn more about you, including your connections and hobbies, among other things.

#3. Public Information Panel: You will have the opportunity to create a public information panel that will appear whenever someone searches Google for your name.

#4. Betterment in Branding: Contributes to the improvement of your personal brand by raising the visibility of your website in search engines

#5. Generation of Leads: As for what the business stands is, generating leads and maximizing profits, with the help of these search results, you may gain leads.

#6. Searchers can connect: Searchers will be provided with your most recent phone number and email address, allowing them to get in touch with either your brand or you in a speedy and convenient manner.

How to make the most of it?

Your brand or your self will benefit greatly from using the Google people card. Consequently, it becomes even more important to create a people card with the most appropriate information.

Below are 5 easy to follow guidelines for you to keep in mind while creating the Google people card.

Publish only Authentic Information

It is essential to publish authentic and correct data, especially if it is relevant to your professional or company operations. Your people card may be removed if Google determines that the information on your card does not match the information on your account.

Be Precise with your branding

Know that your Google people card is a small Knowledge Panel. It is not the place to promote your business or yourself. Hence, it is critical not to use any terms or phrases that could be construed as an advertisement; instead, make your statements simple and direct. Some words or phrases such as "world-class," "world's greatest," "cheap," and more should be prohibited.

Post your own picture on the people card

Make sure to include a picture of yourself that is clearly visible on your card. Using someone else's photo as your profile image is also a no-no.

Refrain from using any absurd words

Verify that your Google people card does not include any profanity. Google prohibits the use of any material that is degrading or demeaning, such as physically attacking someone or making negative comments about a previous job, as well as any offensive or obscene language.

Make sure to keep the People Card up-to-date

Keep the data in your Google people card updated. Know that posting excess data on the card won't help the searchers searching for you, and they might like to shun reaching you. Besides, your data might get erased from Google's inquiry record if it sees that your card isn't as expected and refreshed constantly. 

Wrapping up...

Creating a people card can definitely prove to be beneficial for start-ups, small business owners, or influencers if they make the right use of it. Many have started opting for creating one such card for either their personal branding or for their companies.

Following the steps mentioned above and keeping your card up-to-date can help you grow your brand exponentially. Creating a People Card plays a significant role in the branding of your company. Your people card will have a greater chance of being shown in the search results if you give more information about it.

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